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Óhoo’aah bá hazą́

Literacy for the Navajo People

About Us 

Founded in August 2021 by a group of educators on the Navajo Nation, Óhoo’aah bá hazą́ is the first and only non-profit literacy organization to serve the Navajo people. Created in conjunction with the Clinton Foundation, Óhoo’aah bá hazą́ was recognized as a 2021 "commitment-maker" by the Clinton Global Initiative University. 

The IRS recognizes Óhoo’aah bá hazą́ as a tax-exempt organization under federal code 501(c)3. A governing board has oversight, in accordance with Navajo and federal law. 

Our Mission

Hózho, often translated as “beauty” and “harmony,” is the ideal state of being in Navajo culture. All too often in the contemporary world, the lack of literacy presents a barrier to attaining full human potential or hózho. It is our mission to build a path toward opportunity and fulfillment—hózho—by helping Navajo people of all ages develop and refine literacy skills so that they are better able to reach their full potential.

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About the Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation is the largest of all Native American tribes—both in population and land mass. The rural, 27,000-square-mile reservation spans three southwestern U.S. states and is roughly the size of West Virginia. Unemployment hovers around fifty percent, with forty percent of all families living at or below the federal poverty level. About 15,000 homes on the reservation do not have running water or electricity. Education and literacy rates lag far behind the national average, and roughly forty percent of Navajo adults lack a high school diploma or GED.


Our goal at Óhoo’aah bá hazą́ is to tackle the issues associated with basic literacy in order to improve overall living conditions and increase education and career opportunities for the Navajo people.

How You Can Help

Óhoo’aah bá hazą́ needs your support to ensure that all Navajo people have access to basic literacy services. One-hundred percent of your donation will go to provide services for the Navajo people. Your donation is fully tax-deductible.

About Us

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